luan city

lu 'an, also known as "Gao City" and "West Anhui", is a prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of Anhui Province. It is located in the west of Anhui Province, the north foot of Dabieshan Mountain, the west wing of Yangtze River Delta, the Jianghuai River, Wuyue in the east, Jingchu in the west and Central Plains in the north. The terrain is steep in the southwest and flat in the northeast, and it is a trapezoidal distribution, belonging to the transition zone from the north subtropical zone to the warm temperate zone. With a total area of 15,451.2 square kilometers, it has jurisdiction over 3 districts and 4 counties; As of November 2020, the permanent resident population of Lu 'an is 4,393,700.

The name of Lu 'an originated from Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, who took the first character of the six counties, Anfeng and Anfeng of Hengshan Mountain to call the country of Lu 'an, which also means "six lands are safe and never rebel". Because Shun sealed Gao Tao in Six, Lu 'an was called Gao City later. Lu 'an is a famous old revolutionary base area, known as the cradle of the Red Army and the hometown of General. Its natural and cultural environment is mainly reflected in its regional characteristics of "Jiangjiang Belt and Huai River", its geographical location of "connecting the east with the west" and its beautiful scenery of "Yinghuo surrounded by mountains". Pihe River and the Pihe main canal flow through the urban area for more than 20 kilometers, forming an urban ecological belt with 25,000 mu water surface and 5,000 mu green land on both sides. It has numerous natural and cultural landscapes in the territory. There are 26 national 4A level scenic spots above (including 2 5A level), 9 national red tourist attractions, 15 provincial red tourist attractions, and 2 national all-region tourism demonstration zones. Provincial tourism resort 3.

In 2021, the GDP of Lu 'an was 192.35 billion yuan, an increase of 11.0% over the previous year at comparable prices.

Chinese counties in luan city

shouxian county
huoqiu county
shucheng county
jinzhai county
huoshan county

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