huoshan county

Huoshan County, subordinate to Lu 'an City, Anhui Province, is located in the west of Anhui Province, the hinterland of Dabie Mountains, the upstream of Pishe River, a tributary of the Huai River. The total area is 2043 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 13 towns and 3 townships.

Huoshan geomorphic features "seven mountains, one water, one field, one road and manor", is a typical mountainous area, reservoir area, old revolutionary base area county. The territory of ecological fine, 31 kilometers above the mountain, 1777 meters above sea level Dabei mountain peak white horse tip majestic territory, the Han emperor of the "ancient Nanyue" Zhong Ling Yu sau. It has more than 6500 kinds of organisms and 1793 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials, among which the "soft gold" Dendrobium Huoshanense ranks the first among the "nine immortal herbs in China", and has successfully entered the food and medicine. On June 21, 2012, Wu Bangguo, then Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, inscribed "Dendrobium Huoshan -- Chinese Treasure" during his investigation of Dabie Mountain Old Revolutionary Base Area. Huoshan Dabie Herb Bank was awarded as a national demonstration base for TCM health tourism. As early as in the Tang Dynasty, Huoshan Yellow Buds was regarded as the imperial tribute tea. Today, it is also known as the "Three Yellow Teas in Anhui" along with Huangshan and Huangmei Opera. It has been listed in the Protection List of China-Europe Geographical Indications Agreement twice and is rated as the hometown of Yellow tea in China. It has built three provincial characteristic towns: Doushahe Hot Spring Town, Shangtu, Ban Shan Dendrobium Town, Foziling Eco-Brewing Town, and three well-known cultural and creative tribes: Xianren Chong Artist Village, Yuelangwan Writer Village, and Wujishan Photographer Village. Ecological Huoshan Mountain has become the breeding ground of "the most beautiful bird in China", the habitat of rare migratory birds such as white cranes and swans. It is one of the first national all-region tourism demonstration areas and the national "Two Mountains" theory innovation and practice base.

By the end of 2021, Huoshan County has a registered population of 358,997. In 2021, the gross regional product (GDP) of Huoshan County reached 19.32 billion yuan, among which, the added value of the primary industry was 2.28 billion yuan, the secondary industry was 8.56 billion yuan, and the tertiary industry was 8.48 billion yuan. The structure of the three industries was 11.8:44.3:43.9. Based on the permanent resident population in 2020, the per capita GDP is 67,502 yuan.

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