Tongchuan city

Tongchuan, a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Shanxi Province, is located in the eastern part of Northwest China, the central part of Shanxi, Guanzhong Basin and the junction of Northern Shanxi Plateau, adjacent to Yan 'an, Weinan and Xianyang. Is a temperate monsoon climate, the total area of the city 3882 square kilometers, under the jurisdiction of 3 districts 1 county. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent resident population of Tongchuan was 698,322 people.

Tongchuan is located in the transition zone between Ordos platform and Weihe faulted Basin. It is a remnant area of the Loess Plateau, spanning two geological structural units. The landform is complex and diverse, including mountains, rivers, plains, beams, ridges, tableland, gullies and rivers. There are hills and valleys and valleys, tableland and gullies, and ridges and ridges criss-cross the territory, with an average slope of 16.7°. The area below 3° is 318.6 square kilometers, the area between 3° and 8° is 565.7 square kilometers, and the area between 8° and 15° is 883.9 square kilometers. The area of 15° ~ 25° is 1280.4 square kilometers, and the area above 25° is 832.5 square kilometers. Tongchuan has convenient transportation and is an important part of Guanzhong Economic Belt. It is the only way to the Mausoleum of Huangdi Emperor, the ancestral ancestor of humanity, and Yan 'an, the holy land of revolution. Two branch railways, Xiantong and Meiqi, connect with Longhai Artery.

In 2021, Tongchuan achieved a GDP of 43,941 billion yuan, an increase of 7.5% over the previous year.

Chinese counties in Tongchuan city

Yijun County

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