Tongliao city

Tongliao, formerly known as Zhelimu League, is a prefectural city under the jurisdiction of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, located in the east of Inner Mongolia, bordering Siping City of Jilin Province on the east, Chifeng City and Xilin Gol League on the west, Shenyang City, Fuxin City and Tieling City of Liaoning Province on the south, and Hinggan League, Baicheng City and Songyuan City of Jilin Province on the north. Located in the middle latitude, belongs to the temperate, arid and semi-arid, continental monsoon climate; It has jurisdiction over 1 municipal district, 1 county-level city, 1 county and 5 flags; The total area is 59,535 square kilometers; By the end of 2021, the city has a permanent resident population of 2,853,100.

Tongliao is one of the birthplaces of the Mongolian nation. The Horqin Grassland once produced and spread the famous three Horqin narrative folk songs (Han Xiuying, Danabara, Gdameling) and thousands of short tune folk songs. Jingtong Railway, Tongang Railway, Dazheng Railway, Tonghuo Railway and Jitong Railway connect with each other. International freight train connecting Manchurian-Europe railway has been opened in the territory. Three expressways, six national highways and seven provincial highways run through the territory, making it an important strategic node for the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's opening up to the North. Located in the Bohai Economic Circle, Northeast Economic Zone and Northeast Asia Triangle Economic Zone, it is the intersection center of Northeast China and North China. Tongliao Civil Aviation Airport can take off and land Boeing 737 and other large and medium-sized airliners; Tongliao Railway Station is one of the 36 railway hubs in China. In December 2018, it was identified as the advantage zone of the second batch of agricultural products with Chinese characteristics. In October 2020, it was rated as the national model city (county) of double support.

In 2021, Tongliao's GDP reached 141.144 billion yuan, an increase of 4.0% over the previous year based on comparable prices.

Chinese counties in Tongliao city

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Naiman Banner
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Kailu County
Horqin Left Wing Rear Banner
Horqin Left Wing Middle Banner
Holingol county-level city

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