anda county-level city

Anda, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang Province and administered by Suihua City, is located in the hinterland of Songnen Plain in the southwest of Heilongjiang Province, bordering the world famous oil city Daqing and adjacent to five cities and counties of Qinggang, Lanxi, Zhaodong, Zhaozhou and Lindian. It is located in the golden part of the Kazak-Daqi Economic Belt and an important node city of the Kazak-Daqi industrial corridor, with a total area of 3586 square kilometers. By the end of 2021, there were 347,584 permanent residents, comprising 14 ethnic groups including Han, Hui, Mongolian and Korean.

Anda, derived from the Manchurian and Mongolian language, means "friend and distinguished guest" and is also a synonym for Mongolian brotherly friendship culture. In the Tang Dynasty, Anda was formally incorporated into the territory of China. On March 27, 1965, the 154th plenary meeting of The State Council decided to restore the Anda County system. On November 17, 1984, The State Council approved the abolition of Anda County and the establishment of Anda City (county level). As of October 2021, Anda Municipality has jurisdiction over 4 subdistricts, 13 towns, 1 township and 4 township units. Municipal people's government in Anda town.

Anda is the hometown of cows and beef cattle base in China, and it is a world famous dairy belt. With 2.72 million mu of grassland, the vegetation is mainly composed of the famous Chinese and foreign leymus chinensis, known as the "pearl grassland in the world". In November 2015, it was listed in the second batch of national comprehensive pilot areas for new urbanization.

In 2021, the city's GDP reached 17.99 billion yuan; 4.07 billion yuan of investment in fixed assets; Total retail sales of consumer goods reached 4.82 billion yuan; Public finance revenue reached 1.06 billion yuan; The per capita disposable income of urban and rural permanent residents reached 31,158 yuan and 20,448 yuan respectively.

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