baoqing county

Baoqing County, under the jurisdiction of Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province, is located in the eastern part of Heilongjiang Province, the core of Sanjiang Plain, the hinterland of the Great Wilderness, geomorphic features can be summarized as "four mountains, one water, four fields, half reed and half grassland". Baoqing County has an administrative area of 10001.27 square kilometers. According to the seventh census, the permanent population of Baoqing County was 331,377 as of midnight on November 1, 2020.

Baoqing County is a typical resource county, agricultural county and ecological county, known as the "coal power base", "the granary of the North", "Tianfu County", "wetland town" reputation. The main scenic spots in Baoqing County are Zhenbao Island Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery, Longhu Scenic spot, Dongsheng Wetland scenic spot, Qixing River Wetland and Yanwo Island.

On October 22, 2018, Baoqing County was selected into the 2018 national rural primary, secondary and tertiary industry integration development pilot list. In 2019, it was listed as the second batch of national agricultural product quality safety county. In November 2019, it was selected into the list of the second batch of counties (districts) that reached the standard of water-saving social construction.

In 2020, the gross domestic product of Baoqing County is expected to reach 12.3 billion yuan (the same below), with a year-on-year growth of 4.4%; The added value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 5.0% year-on-year; The total investment in fixed assets reached 3.59 billion yuan, up by 3.0% year on year; The budgetary revenue of public finance reached 470 million yuan, up 2.2% year on year; Total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 2.0% year on year. The total volume of foreign trade reached 340 million yuan, up by 6.0% year on year; The per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 29,429 yuan, up by 2.0 percent year on year; The per capita disposable income of rural residents reached 16,285 yuan, up 8.9 percent year on year.

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