Chahar Right Rear Banner

Chahar Right Rear Banner, abbreviated as Charight Rear Banner, is located in the central and northern part of Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The northern foot of Daqingshan. It borders Shangdu County and Xinghe County in the east, Chahar Right Front Banner and Zhuozi County in the south, Chahar Right Middle Banner and Siziwang Banner in the west, and Sunit Right Banner of Xilin Gol League in the north. An area of 3910 km ².

Rear flag of the right wing of Chahar, north of Ulanqab. The total area of 3910 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 8 towns Sumu, Baiyin Chagan town for the flag government seat. According to the official government website, as of July 2021, the total population of Chahar Right Rear Banner is 201,871.

Chaiyouhouqi has developed transportation, with the Jitong Railway and Humanchu Provincial Channel running across the east and west, and the Jitong Railway, the Erguang Expressway and the 208 National Highway running through the north and south. It is an important channel for coal resources to be sent out of the district.

Rich in resources, with limestone, wind energy, lignite, petroleum and agricultural and livestock products, it is an important building materials and chemical industry base, clean energy output base, green agricultural and livestock products production and processing output base. Rich in cultural resources, it has many unique natural and cultural landscapes such as volcanic grassland, Agui Temple, Swan Lake, millennium ancient elm, rock inscription and rock painting, etc. It has rich national cultural resources and distinct characteristics. It is the birthplace of Chahar culture and awarded the reputation of "Hometown of National Cultural Characteristics" by the Ministry of Culture.

In March 2019, it was announced by the Ministry of Water Resources as one of the first counties (districts) to reach the standard of water-saving social construction. On April 18, 2019, the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region decided to withdraw Chahar Right Rear Banner from the poverty-stricken banner county sequence. In 2020, the GDP of Chahar Right Back Banner region reached 6.71 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 2.6 percent.

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