chengwu county

Chengwu County, located in the southwest of Shandong Province, belongs to Heze City, the famous hometown of Peony. As of 2013, Chengwu County covers an area of 988 square kilometers, has jurisdiction over 12 towns, 2 sub-district offices and 1 provincial industrial park, and 473 villagers' committees (neighborhood committees). According to the seventh census, the permanent population of Chengwu County was 595,159 as of midnight on November 1, 2020.

At the beginning of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Prince Wen was awarded the Gao State, and Ancient Chengwu was the former capital of Gao. Chengwu County, the hometown of Bole, has a long history, rich resources and abundant talents. It is the hometown of such famous historical figures as the horse master Bo Le of the Spring and Autumn Period, the famous sage Sun Qi of the Han Dynasty, and Yan Zi of the State of Qi. (It is disputed that Chengwu was Yan Zi's hometown; Gaomi is more commonly known.)

Chengwu County is China's ecological civilization advanced county, China's high-quality cotton breeding base county, China's freshwater breeding base county, China's high standard plain greening county, China's farmland water conservancy capital construction advanced county, China's science and technology advanced county and national urban environment excellent county, Shandong Province reform and opening up pilot county, Shandong Province social security comprehensive management model county, Shandong Province spiritual civilization advanced county. On January 25, 2019, it was selected as the national "Safe Agricultural Machinery" demonstration County in 2018. On February 2, 2019, it was named as the advanced unit of grassroots TCM work at the county level by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 2019, the GDP of Chengwu County reached 14767.12 million yuan, an increase of 4.7% on the previous year based on comparable prices. The added value of the primary industry was 2,849.62 million yuan, up by 3.2%; The added value of the secondary industry was 367.906 million yuan, up by 1.7%; The added value of the tertiary industry was 8238.44 million yuan, up by 6.8%

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