Chongzhou county - level city

Chongzhou (Chongzhou) generally refers to Chongzhou (county level city administered by Chengdu, Sichuan Province)
Chongzhou, known as Shu Zhou in ancient times, is a county - level city in Sichuan Province, administered by Chengdu City. It is adjacent to Wenjiang District and Shuangliu District of Chengdu in the east, Xinjin District in the south, Dayi County in the west, Dujiangyan City in the north, and Wenchuan County in the northwest. Chongzhou City covers an area of 1089 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 6 sub-district offices, 9 towns. The built-up area of the city is 43 square kilometers (including the economic development area). In 2021, Chongzhou City has 745,700 permanent residents and 658,700 registered residents.

Chongzhou is the establishment and development of Lao Zi thought. Chongzhou City has a long history. It was called Shuchuan in the Han Dynasty and Shuzhou in the Tang Dynasty. Its history of establishment lasted as long as 4300 years. Chongyang Sub-district office, the seat of Chongzhou City government, is a famous Chinese cultural and historical city. Covering an area of 1090 square kilometers, it has a pattern of "four hills, one water and five fields". It is the closest suburban new town to Chengdu Tianfu Square, and it is one of the first named historical and cultural cities in Sichuan Province. It is the national demonstration base for new industrialization industries (featuring big data), the national smart City pilot city, the establishment unit of the national tourism Demonstration zone, the national agricultural comprehensive standardization demonstration city, the national furniture quality improvement demonstration zone, and the national rural governance system construction pilot unit.

Chongzhou is located on the trunk line of Sichuan-Tibet highway, Chengwenqiong Expressway runs through the whole territory of Chongzhou, the construction of west Sichuan tourism loop, Chongzhou section of Huaihua Road, Chongshuang Freight Road, and Chongzhou section of Dayi extension line of Guanghua Avenue, Chengdu second ring highway, Chengwenqiong Express passage, Chengpu high-speed railway has Chongzhou station, it only takes more than ten minutes to reach Chengdu urban area. The top 100 counties and cities in Western China.

In 2021, the regional GDP of Chongzhou was 44.259 billion yuan, an increase of 8.7% over the previous year, in which the added value of the primary industry was 4.108 billion yuan, and that of the secondary industry was 22.099 billion yuan; The added value of the tertiary industry was 18.052 billion yuan, and the ratio of the tertiary industry structure was 9.3:49.9:40.8.

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