huian county

Hui'an County is under the jurisdiction of Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. It is located in the southeast coast of Fujian Province, with a total area of 489.42 square kilometers (excluding the Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone), and has jurisdiction over 12 towns. According to the seventh census data, as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Hui'an County is 781397.

Hui'an County was originally located in Hui'an County, the capital of Quanzhou. In the sixth year of the Taiping and Revitalization of the Northern Song Dynasty (981), Hui'an County was located at 16 li in the east of Jinjiang County. It was called Hui'an in the sense of "benefiting the people". Together with Jinjiang and Nan'an, it was called the Sanyi of Quanzhou. It is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in southern Fujian and one of the main ancestral places of Taiwan's Han compatriots. It is known as "Zou Lu on the seashore", "hometown of carving art", "hometown of architecture", "strong county of fishery", "strong county of food industry", and "capital of stone carving in the world".

Hui'an Coast is known as the Golden Coast, with a total length of 192 kilometers, accounting for 6% of the province. Coastal harbors are densely distributed. Jingfeng Douwei Port is one of the closest ports from the mainland to the west coast of Taiwan, which can provide free access for 300000 tonnage ships. It is one of the four major transit ports in China under planning and construction. Chongwu Port is the national central fishing port. Banyue Bay, Qingshan Bay and Jingfeng Huinv Bay compete for beauty. Chongwu Coast was selected as one of the "eight most beautiful coasts in China" by National Geographic magazine. Hui'an is a powerful county and city with its comprehensive competitiveness ranking the third in Fujian Province and the 29th in the top 100 counties (cities) in China in 2010. Hui'an County is famous for Hui'an women's unique folk customs and stone carving. Luoyang Bridge in the Northern Song Dynasty and Chongwu City in the Ming Dynasty in the county are both key national cultural relics protection units.

In 2020, Hui'an County's GDP will reach 101.2 billion yuan, up 3.3%.

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