Kaiyang County

Kaiyang County, located in Luoding City, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, is an ancient county in Guangdong history, playing an extremely important role in administration and trade. Since 214 BC, Kaiyang County has been the local administration and trade center. It was not until 1304 that the county was moved from Kaiyang Township to Luoding City.

Kaiyang County, has been in the cultural construction, also played a very important role, the Republic of China "Luoding County records", "Long water Search for source" and Luoding government site records, as early as 630 AD imperial order to build a Confucian hall (also known as the Confucian temple, academy), Kaiyang County took the lead in responding to the construction of a Confucian hall.

It was repaired in the Yuan Dynasty of Song Dynasty and used for school teaching in the Qing Dynasty. Even now, you can see the ruins of the Academy. A few years ago, both the Luoding government and the people had the awareness of protecting Kaiyang culture. Among them, a group of enthusiastic Luoding people formed a public welfare organization named after Kaiyang, the Kaiyang Society of the National Learning Court, aiming to promote Kaiyang culture, let the general public understand the history and culture of Luoding again, and join in the protection of Luoding historical sites and culture.

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