lankao county

Lankao, a county directly under the jurisdiction of Kaifeng City, Henan Province, is located at the last bend of the Jiuqu Yellow River, with a total area of 1116 square kilometers. As of 00:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Lankao County is 777278. It is an important part of the "half hour traffic circle" in the "one pole, two circles and three floors" of Henan Province. Lankao County was a city of windows in the Spring and Autumn Period. The Qin Dynasty established Jiyang in the north of the county, which was the beginning of Lankao County. In 5 BC, Liu Xiu, Emperor Guangwu of the Han Dynasty, was born in Jiyang Palace in the north of the county. In 2009, Donghun County was changed into Dongming County. In 83, Kexian County was changed to Kaocheng County, and Kuiqiu was designated as the administrative office. In the Northern Qi Dynasty, Kaucheng County was changed to Cheng'an County again, and the county seat was in Lankao Guyang. In 1218, Dongming County was abandoned as Tong'an Fort, and the new county was moved to the old place of Yuangu County, north of the Yellow River. In 1232, the south of the Yellow River was divided into Lanyang County and Yifeng County. In March 1783, Kaucheng County moved to Lankao County again. In 1825, Yifeng County was incorporated into Lanyang County, which was called Lanyi County. Yifeng County was subordinate to the township. In 1909, in order to avoid the taboo of Emperor Puyi, Lanyi County was changed to Lanfeng County. In June 1954, Lanfeng County merged with the west of Kaucheng County, named Lankao County after the two counties.

Longhai Railway and Zhengzhou Xuzhou High speed Railway pass through the territory with Lankao Station, Lankao South Station, Lankao Heze Lanzhou Intercity Railway, Lankao Heze Qingdao Dongjiakou Port Railway, and Lankao Kaifeng Zhengzhou Kailan Intercity Railway. National highways G220, G310 and G106 intersect in the county seat, and Lianhuo Expressway, Rinan Expressway and Lanjiao Expressway (planned) cross the county. It is only 1 hour from Xinzheng Airport and 4 hours from Lianyungang.

Lankao is the hometown of paulownia, a national garden county, a national health county, a national civilized city, a provincial ecological county, a national model county for double support, a national pilot county for new urbanization, the first batch of national demonstration areas for ecological protection and construction, a comprehensive demonstration pilot county for the construction of the national social credit system, the first national pilot area for inclusive financial reform, and a demonstration county for the construction of new urbanization in the county seat.

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