lean county

Le 'an County, subordinate to Fuzhou City of Jiangxi Province, is located in the central hinterland of Jiangxi Province, southwest of Fuzhou City, east to Chongren County, Yihuang County, southeast to Ningdu County, southwest to Yongfeng County, northwest to Xingan County, north to Fengcheng City. The county covers an area of 2412.6 square kilometers, consisting of 9 towns, 7 townships and 176 administrative villages (communities). By the end of 2020, the resident population of Le 'an County is 307,900.

Le 'an County was established in 1149 AD (the 19th year of Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty), where the most famous Linchuan culture and Luling culture in Jiangxi converged. The ancient villages within the territory have numerous historical sites and rich intangible cultural relics. The ancient architecture group of Liukeng Village is a national key cultural relic protection unit. The ancient village of Liukeng is one of the first batch of famous historical and cultural villages and the first batch of traditional villages in China, and is known as the "living fossil" of ancient rural civilization in China. Le 'an Nuo dance has been included in the national intangible Cultural Heritage list, while Xiaohuaihui (ancient palace music), story-dressing (folk activities), Luopi Temple Fair and egg carving have been included in the provincial intangible cultural heritage list.

Le 'an is a tourist secret environment, the county has more than 17 kilometers of mountains, "thousands of ancient village" Liukeng ancient village, "thousands of ancient camphor forest" Niu Tian ancient camphor forest, "thousands of feet of waterfalls" Jinzhu waterfall, "thousands of fawn mountain" Dahua Mountain and other scenic spots are famous. Le 'an is also a red shrine, with more than 4,000 Red Army slogans, known as "the first County of Red Army slogans", and the first Red Army slogans museum in the province. Gongxi Town enjoys the title of "Uranium Capital of China" and was once known as "Little Hong Kong of Le 'an County" when it was brilliant.

Le 'an County is China's ecological tourism county, the Chinese national cultural ecology famous county, the national green agriculture demonstration county, Jiangxi ten characteristic beautiful scenery county, Jiangxi Harmony Ping 'an County, Jiangxi area of great investment potential county, provincial tourism demonstration area, national agricultural product quality safety county founding unit. In 2020, the GDP of Le 'an County completed 7.602 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 3.5%; The total revenue was 980 million yuan, up 4.6 percent year on year.

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