linhai county-level city

Linhai City, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Zhejiang Province and administered by Taizhou City, is located in the middle of the coastal area of Zhejiang Province, the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, the east China Sea in the east, Xianju County in the west, Huangyan District in the south, and Tiantai County in the north. It is the economic, cultural and transportation center of Taizhou, and the deputy central city of Taizhou. It is an ancient city new city integrating the profound heritage of the ancient city of thousands of years, the beautiful landscape of the famous Jiangnan city and the prosperity of the modern city. Surrounded by mountains on three sides and by the sea on one side, the city is rich in resources and beautiful environment. It is a well-known tourist city, garden city and livable city.

Linhai City, referred to as "Linhai", is a national historical and cultural city. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has been the government of Taizhou. In the Southern Song Dynasty, Taizhou was the secondary province of Gi-gi, and Linhai was its government, which was greatly improved in all aspects. With numerous cultural relics and historic sites, it is known as the "small Zou Lu" and the "State of Culture", forming the "four" city of famous city, famous person, famous spot and famous special. Song Dynasty was Wen Tianxiang praise said: "Seishan fairy country, encounter send solitary Peng, Vientiane picture, thousands of rock jade." Linhai Dialect is the representative dialect of Wu dialect in Taizhou. It retains more ancient Chinese pronunciation, classical Chinese words and sentence patterns.

Linhai is China's outstanding tourist city, national garden city, and the first county-level city to win the title of "China Livable City". Linhai is one of the first open cities in China's coastal areas. Its private economy develops rapidly and is full of vitality. It is one of the birthplaces of China's joint-stock cooperative economy.

In 2020, Linhai was listed as one of the top 100 counties in terms of comprehensive economic competitiveness and investment potential. In November 2019, it was selected into the "Top 100 county-level Well-off Index of China in 2019". In July 2020, Linhai was confirmed as the National Health City in 2019 by the National Association of Health Care. ; In November, it was named the sixth National Civilized City. In December 2020, the Academy of Social Sciences released "Top 100 County Economic Comprehensive Competitiveness", Linhai ranked 50th.

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