Linyou County

Linyou County, under the Shanxi Province of Baoji City, located in the northeast of Baoji City, for the Sui and Tang officials leisure summer play place - palace well, because Sui Yining first year have kirin tour named, located in the Weibei dry tableless hills gully region, east adjacent to Yongshou, dry county, west Qianyang, Fengxiang, south Fufeng, Qishan, north according to Bin County and Gansu Lingtai County. Between east longitude 107°19 '-- 108°2', north latitude 34°33 '-- 34°58', the total area of 1704 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over seven towns.

Linyou had human activities as early as the Paleolithic Age, and the county system was established in the Qin and Han Dynasties, with a history of more than 2,200 years. According to legend, in the first year of Sui Yining (617), because of the appearance of white kylin auspicious travel around the palace of Renshou, it was renamed Lin You, which has been used until now. Sui and Tang dynasties, the feudal emperors had built the famous Summer Palace in the seat of the county - Renshou Palace, Jiucheng Palace, two dynasties four emperors had 20 times to drive Xing Lin travel summer vacation. The history of Tang Taizong's staff derived from Li Quan, Yang Su's remnant, Yang Guang's killing of his father, Wei Zheng's writing, Princess Changle's marriage, the grand banquet of ministers, Xue Rengui's rescue and other major historical events took place here.

By the end of 2021, the resident population of Linyou County was 71,000. In 2021, Linyou County achieved a regional gross domestic product (GDP) of 17.990 billion yuan, of which the added value of the primary industry was 853 million yuan, the added value of the secondary industry was 15.273 billion yuan, and the added value of the tertiary industry was 1.774 billion yuan. The proportion of the tertiary industry structure was 4.8:85.3:9.9. Based on the permanent population, the per capita GDP is 252,111 yuan.

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