Lixian County

Lixian County is located in the eastern margin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, southeast of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, at 30°54 '-31°12' north latitude, 102°32 '-103°30' east longitude. The total area is 4,318 square kilometers. According to the seventh census, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Lixian county was 36,926.

The geological structure of Lixian County belongs to the middle part of the Longmen Mountain fault zone, the territory of the undulating mountains, the average altitude of 2700 meters, the climate is a mountain type three-dimensional climate, spring and summer precipitation is high, winter frost-free period is short, annual rainfall between 650-1000 mm, the average annual temperature of the valley area 6.9℃-11℃.

Lixian County is a national cultural ecological protection area, tourism resources advantage. There are beautiful natural ecological landscape, such as Miaro Red Leaf Scenic spot, Bipenggou natural scenery, Mengtun River Valley primitive ecology; There are also cultural landscapes that reflect the ancient Qiang culture and Jiarong Tibetan culture, such as Taoping Qiang Village and Ganbao Tibetan Village; There is also a collection of leisure, vacation, recuperation, health care in one of the Gulou hot spring, tourism development space is larger.

In 2019, the GDP of Lixian County reached 2,797,788 million yuan, an increase of 3.4% over the previous year based on comparable prices. In March 2020, it won the title of "Advanced County in National Village Cleaning Action" and was praised by the Central Agriculture Office and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

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