Longhui county

Longhui is located in the southwest of central Hunan, with a total area of 2,868 square kilometers, which is slightly southwest of central Hunan. Located at 110°38´ ~ 111°15´ E longitude. Latitude 27°00´ ~ 27°40´ n. It is adjacent to Xinshao County in the east, Dongkou County in the west, Shaoyang County and Wugang County in the south, and Guxupu County and Xinhua County in the north. It is 61.4 kilometers wide from east to west and 74.6 kilometers long from north to south, accounting for 1.35% of the total area of the province. The county is 283 kilometers away from Changsha Province, 56 kilometers away from Shaoyang City. In 2021, the county has jurisdiction over 18 administrative towns, 5 townships (including 2 minority townships), 2 sub-district offices, 506 administrative villages, 25 neighborhood committees and 41 community neighborhood committees. At the end of 2021, the total population of the county is 1,287,900, and the permanent population is 1,00.08 million. The birth rate was 7.26 per thousand, the natural growth rate was 0.56 per thousand, and the urbanization rate was 43.47%. There are 24 ethnic groups, such as Han, Hui, Yao, Miao and Mongolian. It is a key economic county in the old revolutionary base area and characteristic county of Hunan Province.

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