Luozha County

Luozha County belongs to Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. The Tibetan language means "southern cliff". It is located in the southern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the southern foot of the Himalayas. The perimeter is 200 kilometers long. It is bordered on the southeast by Cuomei County and Chenna County, on the northwest by Langkati County, and on the south by the Kingdom of Bhutan.
County administrative area of 5022.73 square kilometers. It has abundant water, wind and solar energy resources. It has jurisdiction over 2 towns and 5 townships. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Luozha county was 19,865.

In 2020, Luoza County's GDP, fixed asset investment, fiscal revenue, total retail sales of consumer goods, and per capita disposable income of rural residents reached 726 million yuan, 1.592 billion yuan, 5.2865 million yuan, 137 million yuan, and 15,700 yuan, respectively. Year-on-year growth was 6.9%, -30.7%, 19.4%, 3% and 13.5%, respectively. Completed tax revenue of 60.12 million yuan, up 2% year on year.

Loza (" Great Southern Cliff "in Tibetan) is named for its location at the southern foot of the Himalayan Mountains. Xizang Jiangnan - style scenery mainly in the southeast of the county and Lacang township. The cultural landscape in the territory mainly includes Seka Gutuo Temple, Lalong Temple, Kajiu Temple, Zhuowa Long Temple, Langmulang Lacang (Lozakkudin Temple), Loza cliff stone carvings, Tubo period tombs and so on.
In October 2018, the People's Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region officially approved the withdrawal of Luozha County from poverty.


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