muyang county

Shuyang County, referred to as "Shu" for short, is located in the north of Jiangsu Province. It is one of the three pilot counties directly under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Province. It is the only county in the north of Jiangsu Province that is included in the cultivation of type II large cities. It is located in the junction of Xuzhou, Lianyungang, Huai'an and Suqian, with a total area of 2298 square kilometers. As of October 2021, Shuyang County has jurisdiction over 1 national economic and technological development zone, 6 streets, 23 towns and 1 township, and the county people's government is located in Shucheng Street. According to the data of the seventh national population census, as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Shuyang County is 1674978, and the registered residence population is 1986500.

Shuyang got its name because it is located in the yang of Shushui. It was called Houqiu and Huaiwen in ancient times. In the Western Han Dynasty, Houqiu County was established. In the 7th year of Jiande in the Northern Zhou Dynasty (578), Huaiwen County was changed to Shuyang County. Shuyang is the hometown of Chinese calligraphy, the hometown of Huaihai Opera in China, and the county of couplet culture in China. Beijing-Shanghai Expressway has 4 interchanges in the territory, Shuyang River network is dense, and 32 rivers, including Xinyi River and Huaishuxin River, are crisscrossed. By 2021, the urban built-up area of Shuyang has reached 85 square kilometers, with a concentrated population of 717800. It is the county with the largest built-up area and the largest concentrated residential population in the country.

Shuyang County has national and provincial intangible cultural heritage, such as Huaihai Opera, Gonggu gong, etc. The main specialties are the thousand Miaotou and Yanji Chaopai. The main tourist attractions are South Lake Park and Hanshan Scenic Spot. Known throughout the country for its reform and innovation, it has created remarkable "Shuyang speed" and Shuyang experience. The county economy and basic competitiveness of the county have been ranked among the "National Top 100 Counties" for 9 consecutive years, and have been selected as the National Top 100 Industrial Counties for six consecutive years. Shuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone is the only national economic and technological development zone settled in a county-level city in northern Jiangsu.

Shuyang is a national-level ecological demonstration area, a national health county, a provincial garden city, and a provincial excellent management city. It has been selected as the nominated city of the national civilized city. In 2021, Shuyang County will achieve a GDP of 116.21 billion yuan and a general public budget revenue of 6.201 billion yuan.

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