panan county-level city

Pan 'an, Jinhua City of Zhejiang Province, located in the middle of Zhejiang Province, and Dongyang, Xinchang, Xianju, Tiantai and other cities and counties bordering. It belongs to the southern economic zone of Yangtze River Delta and the economic zone of central Zhejiang City cluster. It covers an area of 1,196 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over 2 subdistricts, 7 towns and 5 townships. Pan 'an County in the war flames in 1939 county. In 1958, the whole territory into Dongyang County. In 1983, Panan County was restored. According to the Seventh Census data, the permanent population of Panan County was 177,161 as of 0:00 on Nov 1, 2020.

Pan 'an is the largest Kong family settlement in southern China, with Yushan ancient tea farm and Beecxi hole family Temple two "national key cultural relic protection units" and national nature reserve Dappan Mountain, national 4A scenic spot Baizhang Lake and Jiaxi 18 vortex, ecological twin peaks rafting, as well as Yunshan provincial tourism resort. Pan 'an has the "ancestors of the mountains, the source of all the water" said, is the Qiantang River, Oujiang River, Ling River and Cao 'e River four major water systems of the main birthplace. Panan is also known as "Zhejiang bonsai, natural oxygen bar". Within the territory of the southern taxus, incense fruit trees and other national rare protected plants and leopard, black muntjac and other protected animals. Panan is the hometown of Chinese medicinal materials, the hometown of Chinese mushroom, the hometown of Chinese ecological Longjing, the hometown of Chinese famous tea, the hometown of Chinese tea culture, the hometown of Chinese Torreya, the birthplace of Chinese dragon dance, the national ecological county, the national health township (county), is one of the first pilot areas of Zhejiang high quality development and construction of common rich demonstration area.
In 2020, Pan 'an County achieved gross product (GDP) of 12.07 billion yuan.

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