Pingba county

Pingba county/District, a municipal district of Anshun City in Guizhou Province, is located in the central part of Guizhou Province in southwest China. It is named after "the land is abundant and open". It is near Zhijin County of Bijie City in the north, Guiyang, the provincial capital in the east, and Xixiu District in the west. Shanghai-kunming Expressway, Xiarong Expressway, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed Railway and other national transportation arteries run through the whole territory. It is an important transportation hub in Guizhou Province and even in southwest China, known as the "Golden Passage in the West and the corridor of Qiandan-Central Culture". According to the seventh census, the permanent population of Pingba District was 347,060 as of midnight on November 1, 2020.

Pingba District covers an area of 999 square kilometers, and has jurisdiction over 7 towns, 2 townships and 2 streets (including Gaofeng Town and Machang Town entrusted to GUI 'an New District). The government is located in Zhongshan South Road, Anping Street. Pingba is a core component of GUI 'an New Area, a state-level new area, accounting for 51 percent of the planned area of 1,795 square kilometers of GUI 'an New Area.

Pingba District is located in a typical area of karst landform in China, with beautiful natural scenery and honest folk customs. It is dominated by Han nationality, and there are Hui, Yi, Bai, Buyi, Zhuang and Miao ethnic minorities in the territory. Pingba is known as "the hometown of Chinese Tunpu Culture", "the hometown of Chinese Halal food" and "the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art" (painting and calligraphy, Tunpu opera).

On September 25, 2018, the People's Government of Guizhou Province issued a notice saying that it agreed to remove Pingba District and other 14 counties (districts) from the poverty-stricken counties. In 2020, the GDP of Pingba District reached 13.57 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of -0.3%

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