pingyao county

Pingyao County, belonging to Jinzhong City of Shanxi Province, is located in the central part of Shanxi Province, surrounded by Jiexiu, Qi County, Wenshui, Fenyang, Qinyuan and other counties and cities, between 112°12 '-112 °31' east longitude, 37°12 '-37 °21' north latitude between the average length of about 40 kilometers north and south, about 30 kilometers wide east and west, the total area of 1253.54 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 3 subdistricts, 5 towns and 8 townships.

Pingyao is the largest county of cultural relics in Shanxi Province, with more than 300 historic sites. The ancient city of Pingyao traffic vein by crisscrossing four streets, eight streets, seventy-two centipede alley composition. Rishengchang Bill number, which "connects the world", is known as "the ancestor of modern banking in China", Shuanglin Temple is known as "Oriental treasure house of colored plastic art", and Zhenguo Temple Ten Thousand Buddha Hall is one of the earliest existing wooden structures in China. Pingyao main scenic spots also include Pingyao County government, Confucian Temple, the view of innocence, Wengcheng, gate roof, turret, and so on. Pingyao County is one of the second group of famous historical and cultural cities in China. On December 3, 1997, Pingyao Ancient City was listed as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Together with Lijiang Ancient City in Yunnan Province, Langzhong Ancient City in Sichuan Province and Shexian Ancient City in Anhui Province, Pingyao Ancient City is known as the "four best existing ancient cities" in China.

By the end of 2021, Pingyao County has a permanent resident population of 448,207. In 2021, Pingyao County achieved a regional GDP of 13.22 billion yuan. The added value of the primary industry is 1.79 billion yuan, that of the secondary industry is 3.88 billion yuan and that of the tertiary industry is 7.54 billion yuan. The proportion of the three industries is 13.6:29.4:57.0. In September 2022, the "Umbrella Holders Protection Program" was launched in Gaoping City and Pingyao County of Shanxi Province.

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