pingyin county

Pingyin County, belongs to Jinan City of Shandong Province, another name "Mei City", located in the west of Shandong Province, southwest of Jinan City, 60 kilometers away from the provincial capital of Jinan City, is the intersection of Jinan, Tai 'an, Liaocheng three cities, and Feicheng, Dongping, Donga, Changqing county (city) bordering. Between east longitude 116°12 '-- 116°37', north latitude 36°1 '-- 36°23', under the jurisdiction of 2 streets, 6 towns, a total area of 827 square kilometers.

Pingyin is located in the Yin of ancient Dongyuan, Dongyuan whipping, so it is named after "Pingyin". Sui Dynasty Daye two years (606) set up Pingyin County. Taishan veins run through the central part of the county, the Yellow River flows through the west and the north, and the Dongping Lake, the second largest freshwater lake in Shandong Province, moisten the south, which belongs to the warm temperate continental subhumid monsoon climate zone. South high north low terrain, central uplift. It is known as the hometown of China Rose, the hometown of China Ejiao, and the hometown of Saint Willow.

By the end of 2021, Pingyin County has a registered population of 371,100. In 2021, the gross regional product of Pingyin County was 26.906 billion yuan, among which, the added value of the primary industry was 4.08 billion yuan, the secondary industry was 15.313 billion yuan, and the tertiary industry was 7.585 billion yuan. The ratio of the tertiary industry was 14.9:56.9:28.2.

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