Renhuai county-level city

Renhuai, county-level city of Zunyi City, Guizhou Province. It is located in the northwest of Guizhou Province, in the middle reaches of Chishui River, on the north side of the western section of Dalou Mountain Range, backed by Zunyi. It is a typical mountainous area of the transition from Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to Sichuan Basin. It is the connection point of Qianbei Economic zone and South Sichuan Economic Zone, the place where the Red Army fought in the "four crossing Chishui" of the Long March, and the hometown of Maotai. According to the seventh census, Renhuai had a permanent population of 6555,300 as of midnight on November 1, 2020.

The city covers an area of 1788 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 14 towns, 1 township, 5 sub-district offices, 149 village committees and 22 community neighborhood committees. It is inhabited by 9 ethnic groups including Han, Miao, Buyi, Gelao, Yi and Bai. There are 27,713.3 hectares of cultivated land, including 9921 hectares of fields and 17792.2 hectares of soil. Mountainous inland cities with few possessions and many people. The city has an average altitude of 880 meters above sea level, an average annual temperature of 16.3 degrees Celsius, an annual sunshine duration of 1400 hours, a frost-free period of 311 days, and an annual rainfall of 800-1000 mm. The forest coverage rate is 56.35%.

In 2021, the GDP will exceed 150 billion yuan, reaching 156.695 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 9.97 percent. Total government revenue and general public budget revenue reached 66 billion yuan and 8.5 billion yuan, respectively, representing annual increases of 26.68% and 20.02%. China's top 100 counties and cities ranked 12th, up 66 places. Comprehensive strength ranks the 4th in the top 100 counties in western China, up 6 places. Over the years, the county economy comprehensive evaluation ranks the first square front of the province.

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