shenxian county

Shenxian County is under the jurisdiction of Liaocheng, Shandong Province, located in the west of Shandong Province, the southwest of Liaocheng, Hebei, Shandong and Henan provinces junction. With an administrative area of 1,420 square kilometers and a permanent population of 930,370 (2020), it is the largest and most populous county in Liaocheng. Jurisdiction over 4 streets, 20 towns. County people's Government in the government Street 3. Xinxian County is located in the lower reaches of the Yellow River alluvial plain, the terrain is high in the southwest and low in the northeast. It is a warm temperate zone semi-humid monsoon climate. The main rivers are the Fuhe River, Ma Chi River, Jinti River and so on. Mineral resources are oil, natural gas, rock salt and so on.

Shen County is a major agricultural production county, mainly planting wheat, corn and other food crops, specialty cantaloupe, mushroom bisporus, small meat chicken. Industrial categories are mainly chemical, plastics, textile, mechanical casting, agricultural and sideline product processing. German-shang Expressway, Shennan Expressway, Qinglan Expressway, Fanhui Expressway and Zheng-Ji high-speed railway pass through the border.

In 2021, the regional GDP of Xinxian County reached 25.805 billion yuan, an increase of 8.4% year on year. The proportion of three industries was 31.5:19.0:49.5; The budgetary revenue of public finance reached 1.348 billion yuan, up 14.08% year on year.

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