Shuangbai County

Shuangbai County is a county under Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province. It is located in the middle of Yunnan Province, in the south of Chuxiong, in the east of Ailao Mountains, in the south of the watershed between Jinsha River and Honghe River, between 24 ° 13 '- 24 ° 55' N and 101 ° 03 '- 102 ° 02' E. It is located at the junction of Chuxiong, Yuxi and Pu'er, adjacent to Yimen and Lufeng in the east, Xinping and Eshan in the south, Jingdong and Zhenyuan in the west, and Chuxiong in the north, with an administrative area of 4045 square kilometers. According to the data of the seventh population census, as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Shuangbai County was 133884.

The county has jurisdiction over five towns, namely, Tuodian, Dazhuang, Ejia, Faye and Damaidi, and three townships, including Anlongbao, Ainishan and Dutian, 85 village (neighborhood) committees, 1545 villagers' groups and 1845 natural villages. The important ecological barrier at the source of the Red River in Shuangbai County is the core area of the Ailaoshan National Nature Reserve and the important birthplace of the Yi people's "three sheng" culture. With a forest coverage of up to 84% and a colorful national culture, Shuangbai is "the pearl of the green sea in central Yunnan" and "the hometown of Chinese Yi tiger culture".

In 2012, Shuangbai County was named by the Ministry of Culture as "the hometown of Chinese folk art" and "the hometown of Yi culture in Shuangbai County". In July 2019, it won the title of "China Natural Oxygen Bar" in 2019. The seventh batch of national demonstration areas (units) for national unity and progress. On July 29, 2020, it was included in the naming list of national health towns (counties) in the 2017-2019 cycle.

In 2020, Shuangbai County achieved a gross regional product of 6.097 billion yuan, an increase of 8.9% year on year, ranking second in the state. Among them, the added value of the primary industry was 1.624 billion yuan, up 5.7% year on year; The added value of the secondary industry was 2.003 billion yuan, up 14.5% year on year; The added value of the tertiary industry was 2.47 billion yuan, up 5.8% year on year.

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