Suixi County

Suixi County, under the jurisdiction of Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, is located on the Leizhou Peninsula in the southwest of Guangdong Province, bordering the Beibu Gulf in the west and the Zhanjiang Harbor in the east, spanning 109 ° 40 'to 110 ° 25' east longitude and 21 ° 00 'to 20 ° 31' north latitude, with a jurisdiction area of 2131.63 square kilometers. As of 2019, Suixi County has 15 towns and 1 township unit under its jurisdiction, and the county government is located in Suicheng Street. By the end of 2021, Suixi County has a registered residence population of 1.1247 million.

In the second year of Tang Tianbao (743), Tiepa County was changed to Suixi County, which means "the confluence of streams and rivers, the benefit of the people". Suixi County is under the jurisdiction of Haikang County. The county administration is set up in the old county village on the outskirts of Zhanjiang City, which is the beginning of Suixi's name. In 1961, Suixi County was divided into counties and restored. It is under the jurisdiction of Zhanjiang Special Region (later changed to Zhanjiang Region). It was under the jurisdiction of Zhanjiang City in September 1983. Suixi County has always been a bustling market for economic and trade in the northern part of Leizhou Peninsula, one of the main commercial ports at the south gate of China, and an important center of politics, military, economy, culture and transportation in Leizhou Peninsula. It is known as the "back garden of Zhanjiang City", and is the location of the famous "land of fish and rice", "land of lions in China", "the first sweet county in the country" and the "old revolutionary base" in western Guangdong.

In 2021, Suixi County will achieve a GDP of 41.548 billion yuan.

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