Tianet County

Tianet County, under the jurisdiction of Chongzuo City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is located in the southwest of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with Longan County and Pingguo City to the east, Daxin County to the south, Jingxi City to the west, Debao County to the northwest, and Tiandong County to the north. Tianet County has jurisdiction over 6 towns and 7 townships, with a total area of 2,159.23 square kilometers. As of November 2020, the permanent population of Tianet County is 280,400.

Tianet County has Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao Dong and other ethnic groups, among which the Zhuang population accounts for 98.34% of the total population. County low - lying southwest high northeast, with low hills. Baobi Expressway, Hena Expressway, National road G243 line, provincial road S213 line are the main highway to the surrounding areas in Tianet county. Within the territory of Longjiao Tianchi, Duxiu peak, Anning Cave, Longpan Mountain, natural bonsai, Piaoyan and other scenic spots.
In 2021, Tianet County's GDP reached 8.703 billion yuan, an increase of 9.2% over 2020.

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