tonglu county

Tonglu County, under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is located in the northwest of Zhejiang Province, in the middle of Hangzhou low hilly area, divided into the intersection of rivers and Fuchun River, surrounded by mountains, the central is a narrow valley plain, during which the hills scattered. It is adjacent to Zhuji City of Shaoxing City and Pujiang County of Jinhua City in the east, Jiande City in the south, Chun 'an County and Lin 'an District in the west, and Fuyang District in the north. County land area 1829.59 square kilometers.

Tonglu County was founded in 225 AD. In 621 AD, the western part of Tonglu was set up in Fenshui County, while the county seat was set up in Yanzhou, and Tonglu became the state capital. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, Tonglu County has a permanent population of 453,106 people. By the end of 2018, the county has jurisdiction over 4 streets, 6 towns and 4 townships (including 1 nationality township), the county government in the south street Yingchun South Road 298.

Tonglu is the strongest economic county in western Zhejiang, and has honorary titles such as "Hometown of China's Private Express" and "International Garden City". With a long history and great cultural diversity, Tonglu is known as "a graceful and elegant land and a picturesque and civilized country". Fan Zhongyan, a famous official in the Northern Song Dynasty, was deeply impressed by the strange mountains and different rivers in this land, and praised it as "handsome Tonglu County", and wrote a famous poem "Handsome Tonglu County -- Ten Chutes".
Tonglu County is one of the second batch of pilot areas of Zhejiang high quality development and construction of common prosperity demonstration zone.

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