Wengan county

Weng 'an, is the Guizhou Province Qiannan Bouyi Miao autonomous prefecture Xian county. It is located in southwest China, north of Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, longitude 107.471555 ', latitude 27.078472 '. It borders Yuqing County of Zunyi City in the east, Fuquan City of Qiannan Prefecture in the south and Huangping County of Qiannan Prefecture in the southwest, Kaiyang County of Guiyang City in the west, and Bozhou District of Zunyi City in the north. The Wujiang River, the largest tributary of the Yangtze River, crosses the border. By 2022, the county has jurisdiction over 2 sub-district offices, 10 towns and 1 township, with a total area of 1,974 square kilometers and an urban area of 24.86 square kilometers. By the end of 2021, the total registered population is 499,900, and the permanent population (permanent residence for more than half a year) is 394,000, with an annual average permanent population of 396,200, representing an urbanization rate of 56.13%.

Weng 'an is the National Health County selected and named by the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee, and was named China's ecological Charm County in the third Annual Meeting of Ecological Urban and Rural Scientific Development in 2015. It is an important node city in central Guizhou Economic zone. Weng 'an is the new industrialization industry demonstration base of Guizhou Province and the new phosphorus chemical industry demonstration base of Guizhou Province. Weng 'an is one of the three major phosphate ore bases in Guizhou, with proven phosphate reserves of 3.65 billion tons, accounting for one-fifth of the country's total, and is known as Asia's phosphorus warehouse. Weng 'an is a subtropical monsoon humid climate, four distinct seasons, adequate heat.

Weng 'an is a forest city in Guizhou province, with a forest coverage rate of 62.44 percent in 2021. With an average altitude of 1026 meters and an average annual temperature of 13.6℃, it is an ideal place for leisure and vacation without severe cold in winter or scorching heat in summer. There are Caotang millennia-old Town Tourist Area, Jiangjie River Scenic Spot, Zhujiashan National Forest Park, Jianzhong Tea Tourism Town, Xiasi Stone Forest, Cave River, Xianqiao Mountain and other scenic spots

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