xiangyuan county

Xiangyuan County, subordinate to Changzhi City of Shanxi Province, is located in the southeast of Shanxi Province, the middle of Changzhi City, the west foot of Taihang Mountain, the north of Shangdang Basin, east Xiantang Mountain, Huangyan Mountain and Licheng County boundary; In the west to the Stone mountain and Qin County connected; South to Wuyang Mountain, Lutai Mountain, Mopan Mountain, five zan mountain and Lucheng district, Luzhou district, Tunliu district border; The north and Wuxiang county are neighbors. Between 112°42 '-- 113°14' east longitude, 36°23 '-- 36°44' north latitude, the total area of 1178 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over nine towns.

In the early Warring States period, Zhao Xiangzi built the city here, so it was named Xiangyuan. The county in the Western Han Dynasty has a history of more than 2,400 years. In 2009, it was named by UNESCO as "China's thousand-year-old Ancient County". Xiangyuan has produced a large number of talents in the past dynasties, including the statesman Zhang Liang in the early Han Dynasty, the eminent monk Fa Xian in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and Liu Long in the Ming Dynasty. Among them, Fa Xian was an outstanding Buddhist scholar, traveler and translator in the world. He was the first Chinese folk to go west to seek Dharma, 230 years earlier than Xuanzang in the Tang Dynasty and 1080 years earlier than Columbus's discovery of the American continent. Xiangyuan is also the birthplace of the Chinese Lian family. In April 2009, Lien Chan, honorary chairman of the Kuomintang, made a special trip to his hometown to search for his roots and offer sacrifices to his ancestors.

By the end of 2021, Xiangyuan County's permanent population is 260,081. In 2021, Xiangyuan County achieved the gross regional product of 32.071 billion yuan, divided into industries, the primary industry added value of 834 million yuan, the secondary industry added value of 23.768 billion yuan, the tertiary industry added value of 7.469 billion yuan, the ratio of three industries is 2.6:741:23.3.

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