xiaoxian county

Xiao County, Xian County of Suzhou City, Anhui Province, Xuzhou metropolitan area sub-central city; It is located at the north gate of Anhui Province, the outskirts of Xuzhou City of Jiangsu Province, the central part of the Yangtze River Delta, Huaihai Economic Zone and the southeast edge of the North China Plain. Known as the "thoroughfare of four provinces", it is the node of the national implementation of the "One Belt, One Road", "Central Plains Economic Zone" and the implementation of the "east development", "northern Anhui revitalization" and other regional strategies. As of 2022, Xiao County has jurisdiction over 3 subdistricts, 22 towns and 1 township. The total area is 1,885 square kilometers. According to the seventh census, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Xiao County was 1,054,597.

Xiao County, known as the State of Xiao in ancient times, has a civilization history of more than 6,000 years and a city history of more than 3,100 years. It has long been a county under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou. It is the birthplace of Han culture and filial piety culture, with Jinzhai cultural site, Huajia Temple site and other cultural sites left over from the late Neolithic period, and Xiao Kiln site in Sui and Tang Dynasties. Xiao County is known as the "State of literature" "City of victory" honor, is the hometown of Chinese painting and calligraphy art, the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art, the hometown of Chinese grape, Anhui Province cultural relics county.

Xiao County is a high-speed rail tourist town in the Yangtze River Delta, with scenic spots such as Huangcangyu National Forest Park, Caiwa Scenic Spot and Fengshan Forest Park, the former site of the General Front Committee of the Huaihai Campaign. Due to the yellow flood impact, Xiao County has formed the combination of the southwest plain, the Yellow River plateau and the southeast shallow mountainous area, which mainly belongs to the Yellow and Huai alluvial plain. The river system of Xiao county belongs to the Huaihe River Basin, which belongs to the new Bianhe River, the Yellow River and the Wangtuo River. Xiao County is located in the north subtropical and warm temperate transition zone, belongs to the temperate monsoon climate, both north and south climate characteristics.

In 2021, the gross domestic product of Xiao County was 41.72 billion yuan; Revenue was 3.8 billion yuan.

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