Xinhe County

Xinhe County, belonging to Aksu region of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is located in the southwest of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is located at the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains and the northern edge of the Tarim Basin, with geographical coordinates of 80 ° 55 '- 82 ° 43' E and 40 ° 45 '- 41 ° 45' N. It faces Kuqa County across the Weigan River in the east, crosses Aksu City and Wensu County in the west with Yuergun Mountain as the boundary, borders Baicheng County with Chaltage Mountain, a branch of Tianshan Mountain in the north, and borders Yingmaili Township and Erchang Farm in Shaya County in the south. The total administrative area is 5820.46 square kilometers.

Xinhe County is named Tuokesu County because the Weigan River flows through the whole county and the water source is sufficient. It means "abundant water" and "sufficient water" in Uighur. In order to avoid the confusion of Toksun County, it was renamed Xinhe County in 1941, which means permanent peace in Xinjiang.

By 2021, Xinhe County has jurisdiction over 6 towns, 2 townships and 1 management committee. By the end of 2020, Xinhe County has a total population of 22548700. There are Uighur, Han, Hui, Kazak, Kirgiz, Manchu, Tujia, Uzbek, Zhuang, Sibe, Russian, Dongxiang, Salar, Korean and other nationalities.

In 2020, Xinhe County will achieve a local GDP of 6.08909 billion yuan, an increase of 7%; The total investment in fixed assets was 4.6318.2 billion yuan, up 21.8%; The total retail sales of consumer goods reached 714.9 million yuan, up 8.7%; The per capita disposable income of urban residents was 32685 yuan, up 1.2%; The per capita net income of farmers was 17757 yuan, up 7.6%.

In November 2019, Xinhe County was named the "Four Good Rural Roads" national demonstration county.

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