yuzhou county-level city

Yuzhou, abbreviated as "Jun", was formerly called Yangzhai, Junzhou and Yingchuan, and was also called Xiadu, Jundu and Yaodu. Henan Province governs county-level cities, and Xuchang is the custodian; The first batch of famous historical and cultural cities in Henan Province, the central city on the southern edge of the Central Plains urban agglomeration; It is a regional sub central city in the southwest of the Central Plains Economic Zone approved by the People's Government of Henan Province, and an important national base for the distribution and processing of traditional Chinese medicine, ceramic research and development, and advanced manufacturing. By 2021, the city will have jurisdiction over 5 streets, 19 towns and 2 townships; The total area is 1469 square kilometers, and the permanent population is 1109782. In 2021, the city's GDP will reach 90.38 billion yuan, an increase of 6.3%.

Yuzhou is located in central China and central Henan Province, 80 kilometers north of the provincial capital Zhengzhou, in the core area of the Central Plains Economic Zone, and adjacent to the Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone; It is a national pilot city for development and reform, a production base for environmental art ceramics in China, a national comprehensive pilot city for new urbanization, a national pilot area for urban-rural integration development, and one of the first pilot areas for cultural reform and development in Henan Province.

Yuzhou, named after Dayu for his contribution to flood control, is one of the central areas of the Yellow Emperor's tribal activities. It is the capital of the Xia Dynasty, the capital of South Korea, the prefecture of Yingchuan in the Qin and Han Dynasties, the prefecture government of the Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the only producing area of Jun porcelain, and the four major distribution centers of traditional Chinese medicine in the Ming and Qing Dynasties; Yuzhou is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation. There are ancient cultures such as Cishan culture, Fuxi culture, Huangdi culture, Dayu culture, Jun porcelain culture, Chinese medicine culture, etc; With a large number of historical and cultural relics and profound historical deposits, Han Fei, Lu Buwei, Zhang Liang, Wu Daozi, Chao Cuo, Chu Suiliang, Guo Jia, Sima Hui and other historical celebrities have been bred.

Yuzhou has a temperate monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. There are many tourist attractions in Yuzhou, such as Shengui Ancient Town, Jun Guan Kiln Site Museum, Dahong Village, and China Jun Porcelain Cultural Park. It has successively won the titles of China's Excellent Tourist City, National Health City, National Garden City, and China's Most Charming City for Living, Working and Tourism.

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