Weinan City

Weinan City, the ancient said under GUI, lotus scoop, Shanxi Province under the jurisdiction of the prefectural-level city. Weinan is an important birthplace of the Chinese nation, known as the root of China, the source of culture, the hometown of the three saints, the town of general reputation. Weinan is located in the east of Guanzhong Plain and the east of Shanxi Province. The terrain is on the axis of Weihe River, forming five major geomorphic types, namely, two mountains in the north and two tableland in the south and Pingchuan in the middle. It belongs to the temperate monsoon climate. The city covers a total area of 13,030 square kilometers, with jurisdiction over 2 districts, 7 counties and 2 county-level cities in charge; By the end of 2021, Weinan has a permanent population of 4.631 million.

The Yellow River to the east of Weinan is adjacent to Yuncheng of Shanxi and Sanmen Gorge of Henan, Xi 'an and Xianyang to the west, Qinling Mountains and Shangluo to the south, and Qiaoshan Mountain to the north and Yan 'an and Tongchuan. It is 60 kilometers away from the ancient city of Xi 'an and 80 kilometers away from Xianyang International Airport. The two high-speed railways of Zhengxi and Daxi meet here, and the six railways of Longhai and Southwest run through with three expressways of Lianhuo and Beijing-Kunming and nine national and provincial roads, which are the traffic arteries for the central and eastern regions to enter the northwest portal. In 2018, the National Health City (district) was re-recognized. On January 25, 2019, Weinan City was selected as the national "Safe Agricultural Machinery" demonstration City in 2018. In October 2020, it was rated as the national model city (county) of double support.

In 2021, Weinan's GDP reached 208.721 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2% over the previous year and an average increase of 4.1% in two years.

Chinese counties in Weinan City

Fuping County
Baishui County
Pucheng County
Chengcheng County
Heyang County
Dali County
Tongguan County
Huayin county - level city
Hancheng county - level city

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