Xianyang city

Xianyang is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Shanxi Province. Xianyang is the origin of China. It is adjacent to the provincial capital Xi 'an in the east, the national "Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone" in the west, and bordering Gansu in the northwest. Jurisdiction over 3 districts, 2 cities and 9 counties, the city's total area of 10196 square kilometers. By the end of 2021, Xianyang City has a permanent resident population of 4.21.3 million.

Xianyang "the qin empire" is China's first feudal dynasty's capital city, is located in Shanxi province in eight hundred qinchuan hinterland, WeiShui wear south, 嵕 gen mountain, north landscape Yang, therefore calls the xianyang. Xianyang, located at the beginning of the long history and culture of China, is an important birthplace of the Qin and Han cultures. Xianyang was the cradle of the farming civilization of China, and Jik, the ancestor of agriculture, went there to teach the people to farm. Xianyang is China's Class A open to the outside world city, national historical and cultural city, the national double support model city, national health city, China charm city, China geothermal city, the national ten best Livable cities, the first batch of Chinese excellent tourism city, the national spiritual civilization to create the advanced city and the Chinese health culture city. In November 2017, Xianyang was awarded the fifth National Civilized City; In 2018, the National Health City was re-recognized.

In 2021, the regional GDP of Xianyang was 258.132 billion yuan, calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 8.5% over the previous year.

Chinese counties in Xianyang city

Wugong County
Chunhua County
Xunyi County
Changwu County
Bin County
Yongshou County
Liquan County
Gan County
Jingyang County
Sanyuan County

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