Zunyi city

Zunyi, abbreviated as "Zunyi", is a prefecture-level city and deputy central city of Guizhou Province, and an important city in the central Guizhou city cluster. It is located in southwest China, north of Guizhou, south of Guiyang, north of Chongqing, west of Sichuan. The southwest region undertakes the important transportation hub of the north and south, connecting the east and west, connecting the river and the sea. The core area and main corridor of Chengchong-Central Guizhou Economic Zone corridor, and the bridgehead, main position and pilot area of Qian-Chongqing cooperation. The territory is a subtropical monsoon climate, cool and humid all year round. The city has jurisdiction over 3 districts, 7 counties, 2 ethnic autonomous counties, 2 municipalities and 1 New District.

Zunyi is one of the first batch of national historical and cultural cities, with World Cultural Heritage Hailong Tun and World Natural Heritage Chishui Danxia. Zunyi enjoys the titles of "Hometown of Longevity in China", "Producing Area of high-quality green tea in China", "Hometown of Famous Tea in China", "National Tourism Demonstration Area" and "Hometown of Guitar Manufacturing in China". It has won many honors, such as National Civilized City, National Forest City, National Health City, Double Support Model City, China Excellent Tourism City, National Garden City, etc. In 1935, the Communist Party of China held the famous "Zunyi Conference" in Zunyi, which became a crucial turning point for the party and was known as "the city of turning and the capital of conference".

In 2022, the GDP of Zunyi was 440.126 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 3.1%.

Chinese counties in Zunyi city

Wuchuan Gelao and Miao Autonomous County
Daozhen Gelao Miao Autonomous County
Xishui County
Yuqing County
Meitan County
Fenggang County
Zhengan County
Suiyang County
Tongzi County
Zunyi County
Renhuai county-level city
Chishui county level city

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