Aksu region

Aksu, a region under the jurisdiction of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has seven counties and two county-level cities, with a total area of 132500 square kilometers. According to the data of the seventh population census, as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Aksu region was 2714422.

Aksu is located in the northwest of China, the central part of Xinjiang, the southern foot of the middle section of the Tianshan Mountains, and the northern part of the Tarim Basin. It is adjacent to Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture in the east, Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture in the west, Kashgar Region in the southwest, Hotan Region in the south, Ili Autonomous Prefecture in the north, and Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in the middle of Tianshan Mountains in the northwest. Aksu region, composed of 36 ethnic groups, is a multi-ethnic region dominated by Uyghurs.

Aksu has successively won the honorary titles of National Tourism City, National Health City, National Forest City, etc. In 2019, the regional GDP reached 122.24 billion yuan (including the first division), an increase of 8.1% over the previous year. In 2020, Aksu achieved a regional GDP of 131.505 billion yuan, an increase of 5.9% over 2019.

Chinese counties in Aksu region

Keping County
Awati County
Wushi County
Baicheng County
Xinhe County
Shaya County
Kuqa county-level city
Wensu County
Aksu county-level city

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