baoding city

Baoding, formerly known as Shanggu, Baozhou, Baofu, also known as Boots City, is a prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of Hebei Province and one of the central cities in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region approved by the State Council. Baoding City is located in the west of the central part of Hebei Province, at the eastern foot of Taihang Mountains, and in the west of Jizhong Plain. Its geographical coordinates are 38 ° 14 ′ 29 ″~39 ° 57 ′ 3 ″ north latitude and 113 ° 45 ′ 32 ″~116 ° 19 ′ 41 ″ east longitude; It borders Langfang City in the east, Langfang City and Cangzhou City in the southeast, Hengshui City in the south, Shijiazhuang City in the southwest, Shanxi Province in the west, Shanxi Province and Zhangjiakou City in the northwest, Beijing City in the north, and Langfang City in the northeast. It forms a tripartite confrontation with Beijing and Tianjin, and is the strategic hinterland of Xiong'an New Area. The total area is 22000 square kilometers (excluding Xiong'an New Area and Dingzhou 19300 square kilometers), and the permanent population is 11.4372 million (excluding Dingzhou City, Rongcheng County, Anxin County, Xiong County, and Longhua Township of Gaoyang County, 9.246 million). Among them, the urban area is 2531 square kilometers and the population is 3.1535 million.

In the 12th year of the Yuan Zhiyuan era (1275), Shuntian Road was changed to Baoding Road. Since then, Baoding has been named after the idea of eternal stability. Since ancient times, it has been the thoroughfare of "controlling the three passes in the north, reaching nine provinces in the south, connecting four regions, and ranking the first among the central states". It has always been the important place of the capital and the "south gate of the capital". In the Qing Dynasty, Baoding was the residence of Zhili Governor. As of October 2021, Baoding has 5 districts, 4 cities (4 county-level cities are entrusted, among which Dingzhou is the pilot directly under provincial administration), 15 counties (Xiong County, Rongcheng County and Anxin County are entrusted by Xiong'an New Area), 1 national high-tech zone and 1 sub prefecture level Baigou New City, and the municipal government is located at No. 1, Dongfeng West Road, Jingxiu District.

In 2021, Baoding will achieve a GDP of 408.87 billion yuan (372.5 billion yuan excluding Dingzhou), an increase of 7.2% over the previous year. The added value of the primary industry was 41.29 billion yuan, up 7.2%; The added value of the secondary industry was 135.2 billion yuan, up 5.2%; The added value of the tertiary industry was 196.1 billion yuan, up 8.5%. The city's per capita GDP was 40,403 yuan, an increase of 7.4% over the previous year.

Chinese counties in baoding city

xiongxian county
boye county
rongcheng county
laiyuan county
wangdu county
anxin county
yixian county
quyang county
li county
shunping county
gaoyang county
tangxian county
dingzhou county-level city
anguo county-level city
gaobeidian county-level city
mancheng county
qingyuan county
laishui county
fuping county
xushui county
dingxing county
zhuozhou county-level city

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