Baoji City

Baoji City, known as Chencang and Yongcheng in ancient times, is a prefectual-level city under the jurisdiction of Shanxi Province, a sub-central city of Guanzhong Plain urban agglomeration and a sub-central city of Guantian Economic Zone. Located in the west of Guanzhong Plain, Baoji City has jurisdiction over 4 districts and 8 counties with a total area of 18,117 square kilometers and a permanent population of 3.282 million by the end of 2021. In 2021, the GDP of the region reached 254.871 billion yuan.

Baoji has a history of more than 2700 years and is known as "Hometown of Emperor Yan and hometown of bronze ware". Four national treasures of the late Qing Dynasty, stone drums, He Zun and other cultural relics have been unearthed. There are Chinese crafts such as Xifu Shehuo, Fengxiang New Year wood-block prints and clay sculptures. It has won the United Nations Habitat Environment Award, China Habitat Environment Award, China Environment Award, National Civilized City, China Excellent Tourism City, and National Forest City. It is an important industrial town in western China, a high-end equipment manufacturing base, China Titanium Valley, and one of the important railway transportation hubs in China.

In February 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the Development Plan for Guanzhong Plain Urban Agglomeration, which clearly proposed to actively build a national comprehensive transport hub in Baoji to further improve the comprehensive carrying capacity of Baoji and other important nodes. In February 2022, it was approved to set up a comprehensive pilot zone for cross-border e-commerce.

Chinese counties in Baoji City

Taibai County
Fengxian County
Linyou County
Qianyang County
Longxian County
Meixian County
Fufeng County
Qishan County
Fengxiang county

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