Naqu region

Naqu region (Naqu region) generally refers to Nagqu
Naqu, a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of the Tibet Autonomous Region, is located in the northern part of Tibet, in the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is the source of the Yangtze River, Nujiang River, Lhasa River, Yigong Zangbo and other major rivers. As of June 2020, Naqu Municipality has jurisdiction over 1 district and 10 counties, with a total area of 353,000 square kilometers. The municipal government is located at No.3 Zhejiang West Road, Seni District. As of November 2020, Nagqu has a permanent population of 504,800.

Nagqu City is the "North gate" of Tibet and an important part of the country's five pastoral areas. It is known as the "source of rivers" and "Water Tower of China". On the whole, it is an underdeveloped and backward area. Located in northern Tibet between the Tanggula, Nienqing Tanggula and Gangdise Mountains. The middle part belongs to the plateau hilly terrain, the northwest is higher elevation, the north belongs to the Tanggula mountain region, the east belongs to the plateau mountain, the south belongs to the intersection of the north Tibet Plateau and the east Tibet mountains and valleys.

Nagqu City is a sub-cold climate zone. High cold hypoxia, day and night temperature difference, windy weather. The main rivers in the territory are Naqu River, Gongqu River, Moqu River, Caoyou River and Lao Qu River, etc. The larger lakes are Dazi Cuo, Cue, Nairibencuo, Cumulu Cuo and Hang Cuo.
In 2020, Naqu's GDP reached 17.141 billion yuan, and the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 2.98 billion yuan.

Chinese counties in Naqu region

Shuanghu special area
Nyima County
Baqing County
Bangor County
Suoxian County
Shenzha County
Amdo County
Nairong County
Bilu County
Jiali County
Naqu County

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