China scammers tricks in different provinces always good to know and avoid the Chinese fraud

How China scammers could trick in different provinces: always good to know and avoid the Chinese fraud!

1.Crooks in Beijing

If you meet a person in Beijing, he says that he can connect with the central leadership and the grassroots police station; What can be done is as big as promotion and wealth, as small as prostitution is caught, omnipotent and omnipotent, you must not be excited, do not think that you have met the Fortune Star from now on, because he is a liar.

The cheats in Beijing must appear as relatives or cronies of certain important leaders, and the things they do are big things, what government funds, the deputy office wants to be promoted to the main Hall, the department level does not look for him, he does not look at the approval indicators of special tight substances, anyway, what is difficult to get him to have what. And also special cattle, meeting time arrangement is particularly short, always listless when meeting, said that last night and what brother of a leader played a night of mahjong at the same time the phone also kept ringing, said what Zhejiang, Fujian what people came to me for the approval of coal and so on.

Buy him dinner and make an appointment? Of course, it's his own money. He can eat with you already is a face, ask him to do something? Yes, but you have to pay up front, and then you pay, okay? No way! No way! But after paying your dues, you want to hear more? No way! So the crooks in Beijing are the best.

2.Shanghai scammers

Some people ask: Are there crooks in Shanghai? Of course there are, and there are plenty of them. Shanghai scammers generally appear as rich people, wearing suits, not the chief representative of the China representative office of an international company, is the senior staff of a foreign enterprise, Shanghai Mandarin also has a few words of foreign language, the opening is to purchase orders of more than 10 million dollars, and you do it because of friends, there are no other conditions to pay a good fee, otherwise no talk, Who's paying for what? It must be you. It's no big deal to buy a single for a big order like yours.

Therefore, the quality and cultural level of Shanghai swindlers are the highest, and at least they understand foreign language.

3.Fujian fraud

Fujian cheaters are farmers, if you meet with him, it must be looked up, so they avoid their shortcomings, do not meet with you, so the means of Fujian cheaters is to borrow high-tech means to SMS, email, etc., content of course, what is winning, smuggling goods, lottery information, etc., after you hook your money will continue to flow to their pockets, Fujian cheats have the strongest learning ability, good at seizing the weakness of human nature, and good at using high-tech means, fraud is also emerging in an endless stream, new recruit frequently, if suddenly one day a Fujian said to cooperate with you, and the conditions are very favorable, then you must be careful, it must be a trap.

4.Shenzhen swindlers

Shenzhen is the frontier of China's foreign trade, so the fraud of Shenzhen swindlers is generally linked to foreign trade exports. The target of the deception is basically small businesses across the country, eager to promote their products to small owners abroad.

Such crooks generally appear in the name of the company, and the name of the company is very large, what international companies China headquarters, what international groups and so on. The office was fancy, rented, of course, and the car was beautiful, rented, too. As soon as you arrive in Shenzhen, you must be able to convince you that they are big companies, invite you to a very luxurious restaurant for dinner, and there are other programs after dinner. Don't you care, as long as you sign the contract first, at least 1 million dollars for the order, and then sign after the end, of course, if you want to perform the contract, you have to pay a deposit and other costs, such as when you deceive almost, the company is closed and left, you find it?

Such deception has been exposed by CCTV, but I heard that the local government of Shenzhen still doesn't care what contract disputes it is, fie! It is this kind of government that encourages the cheaters' arrogance, and so far there are many such cheaters in Shenzhen, and some even open branches to other places.

5.Hunan liars

Hunan scammers are the lowest scammers, they are also farmers, and also like to appear in front of you in the image of farmers, one day if suddenly a farmer looks like a man and a woman appear in front of you, ask how to go to the bank or post office, they are generally Hunan (Jiangxi also has), and then mysteriously take out some gold ingots or gold Buddha statues and some old money, say: They dig it out on the construction site, do not know whether it can be changed by the bank or can be sent to the post office, if you tell him (her) enthusiastically, you will almost be cheated. The more primitive the image of such a liar, the better, and it is best not to speak Mandarin, so that you are more likely to believe.

6.Sichuan and Guizhou swindlers

That liar is the most inhuman liar, and is specialized in doing things that let future generations do not grow buttholes, that is, to buy women and children, and after cheating others also cheat acquaintances, they will not follow the principle of rabbits do not eat grass on the edge of the nest, I heard that now a community in Shenzhen within a month there are 10 children cheated, and the development of children cheat children, Scammers mostly have Sichuan accents. After they cheat the children, they buy them, and the women force them into prostitution, and if they can't cheat the women, they can even ask their wives and girlfriends to prostitution, so they are liars in Sichuan and Guizhou.

7.Liars in Hubei

As the saying goes, "nine birds in the sky, Hubei old on the ground", is to say that Hubei people are smart, but Hubei scammers are not necessarily clever a lot, Hubei scammers deception is actually very old, they will in the name of the company, produce what the latest high-tech industrial products, and then to find dealers all over the country, distribution conditions are very favorable, and also send samples first, Said they will be in the national advertising inside the contact information of dealers around the play, not long indeed there are one or two customers to call the product, and the amount is very large, the price is also very tempting, so you will order to the manufacturer, in this case, you will be deceived when it comes to. This kind of liar is generally the identity of the manufacturer's salesman, eloquent.

8.Liars in Anhui

Anhui has a Buddhist resort "Jiuhua Mountain", so many liars in Anhui generally appear as Jiuhua Mountain monks. Men generally pretend to be monks, women, of course, pretend to be nuns, generally they are two people go together, appear for the purpose of begging, and then enter someone else's home.

If someone looks around, and then sensationalist, your home seems to have recently had a "blood disaster" or other disasters, anyway, the more scary the better, after you scare him or her to comfort you and say "it doesn't matter, they can solve", as long as the money, how much money? It depends on how much you can give, at least thousands of tens of thousands. If there is no one in your family, then you will steal valuable things, so Anhui swindlers are sometimes thieves.

9.Henan fraud

When it comes to liars, everyone thinks of Henan people, in fact, this is a little unfair, but the types of liars in Henan are more, both big and small. If you meet Henan people on the journey, be careful not to leave your home or company phone address to the other party. Otherwise, your home will immediately receive a phone call, saying that you have an accident somewhere, the reasons for the accident are caught with prostitutes, a car accident, was robbed, sudden illness, etc., he is your friend, and now needs money to deal with things for you, so you want your home or unit to remit the past immediately, otherwise it will be too late. Such people are usually from Henan.

Then there is the big con man, who appears in the name of a big company. For large orders purchased from foreign enterprises at least one million yuan, you can pay 30% deposit in advance and pay the other 70% immediately after the arrival of the goods. After the beginning, please the leaders of foreign enterprises to visit the company, high-level corruption treatment, and also promise high kickbacks, so you can let the other side sign the contract and ship. But when the goods arrived, they immediately sold below the market price, and then disappeared, I have several friends in Henan every day to look for the people who cheated him, Henan people also have a characteristic is that they are willing to agree to any conditions when negotiating, it is very easy to talk, but when the goods or money to their hands, what words are hard to say.

10.Liars in Shanxi

Shanxi scammers are mainly fake, and fake no moral, for example, related to human life of fake wine, fake drinks, fake food, as well as the quality of the relationship of the project of fake steel, fake cement, they have dared to do, such examples have been exposed to the media many times.

11.Cheaters in the Northeast

We have been scolding Henan liars, in fact, there are a lot of Northeast. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, people in the Northeast were the most simple. But by the southern Zhejiang people, Fujian people, Guangdong people deceive more, began to become smart, but also better than blue, deception is not only good but also talented people.

It is really not easy to sum up the cheaters in the northeast, because all kinds of cheaters can be found in the original form, and now focus on two kinds of it: one is to use the advantages of the Northeast people's strong body, holding some broken watches, mobile phones, and even laptops to collide with pedestrians, and then blackmail each other's money, there is half cheat and half rob nature;

There is also the use of color cheating, there are beautiful women to seduce rich people, and then several men to blackmail, the most is that men use color to cheat women examples are now more and more. Northeast men are generally handsome, and there are many complaining women on the Internet, so there is a group of Northeast men specializing in doing such things.

They will also pretend to be rich, dress well, give generously, say what big business, and then confuse the other side. The first color cheat hand, and so on, after the conditions are mature, say what project to do, the return is very attractive, after success can send each other a house or something, so that the woman's heart. In a few days will say that the project has started very smoothly, the house will soon be given to you, leading the other party to further hook, and in a few days began to frown, said that the project is almost money, so the woman's money into his hands.

There's a great Northeast man who's scamming over 30 women for millions of dollars at the same time, all over 30. So women who often go online, lonely women, you should pay attention.

There is also a new deception invented by the people of the Northeast, which I shall expose here. If one day you have just withdrawn tens of thousands of dollars from the bank, suddenly a pair of small hands cover your eyes, and then say to you in a very charming voice: Guess who I am? If you thought something was going on, you were wrong. When you guess from Mary that you don't know who the other person is, she will suddenly jump in front of you, and then say: sorry, mistaken person, and quickly disappear. When you reflect from the excitement, your tens of thousands of dollars have disappeared. Terrible Northeasterners!! Heheh!

12.Liars in Jiangsu

Who says there are no liars in Jiangsu? The only time I was cheated in my life was in Jiangsu. XDJM on a business trip to Jiangsu must pay attention to, if you buy tickets at the railway station, do not believe ticket touts, because they are liars, they cheat there are two categories, one is to sell fake tickets that can be fake, such tickets are basically edited from old tickets, and one is to wear railway clothing, posing as railway staff to say that you can buy internal tickets. But he took your money and ran away.

13.Cheaters in Zhejiang

Zhejiang is one of the most economically active areas in China, so the production of crooks is also very much, there are small and medium-sized fraud, one of which is the identity of investors appear in small cities in the mainland, say can invest in the local how much, deceive the local government officials to treat him as a pro-grandfather, the specification is absolutely excessive corruption, but also find miss after eating, said to check the investment environment is not good, And then I brought back a bunch of gifts. What about investments? No!!

There are also Zhejiang fraudsters fake kung fu is absolutely the world's first-class, what world famous brands, China's well-known trademarks, can be made vivid. There is also the black cotton that is being fought all over the country is basically Zhejiang people. There is also a kind of street fraud is heard that Zhejiang people invented: street selling mobile phones, the latest imported mobile phones only buy less than 30% of the market price, very let you move, you think it is true? It must be real. Yeah, put the card in. OK! It's totally possible!

So you will certainly buy it, but when you are about to leave after paying for it, the other side will say to you, wait, my card seems to be in it, so he takes the phone back and opens it to check. And then hand it back to you and say sorry, very polite. Don't think you took advantage, because he switched halfway through. To give you back is, such midway swap fraud and such as big money for small money, foreign currency and so on, we must pay attention to.

Another way of fake mobile phone fraud is simply to use a fake mobile phone, but it is really very real, it is exactly the same, but it is turned off after a few seconds, showing that there is no electricity, which also makes many people cheated.

14.Guangxi fraud

In Guangzhou, there is a group of Guangxi gang, specializing in cheating at the train station or bus station, when you just get off the train or bus, your friend did not come to pick you up, so you may go to the public phone booth to make a phone call or paging, if you call the mobile phone, your friend will not necessarily answer immediately, after hanging up, there will be an immediate call back, saying "who called me in the first place?" If you say you are looking for someone, he will say that he is someone's friend, who is temporarily on a business trip, has told me to pick you up, so soon there is a man or woman to pick you up, you must trust each other, in this way, you will come when you are fooled, light luggage money was cheated, heavy people were sold, so we must be careful in the future, especially in Guangzhou railway station.

15.Yunnan scammers

In my personal experience, when I was on a business trip in Shenzhen, I was woken up by a phone call very early. The other person said very warmly: "I came to Shenzhen, and did not tell me, I am not a friend enough." When I asked him who he was, he would say: "I don't even remember who I am, guess what?"

I knew that the other side was a liar, because I had seen such deception in the media, so I decided to play with the other side, and began to guess: Lao Wang? No, it's not! Xiao Wang, right? Not yet. Lin Bing (gonorrhea)? Not really. Oh, I see, you are Yang Wei (impotent). By the way, I'm glad I didn't forget my old friend. Bah, I don't have a friend named Yang Wei in Shenzhen.

The other side will say: well, I invite you to a certain hotel for morning tea, we meet again, I said OK, after covering the phone, continue to sleep, let him wait. If you are really deceived, the result is like this: when you arrive, there will be one or two young people waiting for you, saying that they are Yang's subordinates, and that Yang just has something to do, and will come back for a while, we will accompany you to eat first.

In the course of eating, there are two possibilities, if it is a person who will keep calling, and then say that the phone is out of power, borrow your phone, and say that the signal is bad, go outside, so that the phone is gone.

If there are two of them, one of them will call the so-called Mr. Yang and say Mr. Yang is here, let's go outside to pick him up, the other person will stay inside, and when you go out, he will take your bag, and the person you are with will also find a chance to slip away. I know that more of these crooks are Yunnan people.

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