TOP15 e-commerce platforms in China in 2023

1. taobao
Similarweb Worldwide ranking: 136 China ranking: 9
Monthly visitors: 242.7 million

Taobao is still the top B2C e-commerce platform in China. Although Taobao has been criticized for its negative exposure such as fake goods and brushing orders, it still has strong vitality in line with the consumption needs of many consumers in the continuous reform of Alibaba.

2. (jd)
Similarweb Worldwide ranking: 190 China ranking: 10
Monthly visitors: 147.4 million

Since its formal entry into the e-commerce sector in 2004, Jingdong Mall has enjoyed a growth rate of more than 200% for seven consecutive years. However, after the incident of Liu Qiangdong in the United States in 2018,'s development was constantly in difficulties, and its position as the leader was not strong. However, it always adheres to the pure e-commerce mode of operation and reduces and optimizes the intermediate links. The powerful self-built warehousing and logistics service still gives us something to look forward to.

3. douyin
Similarweb Worldwide Ranking: 263 China ranking: 16
Monthly visitors: 158.6 million

Douyin is a short video social software for creative music incubated by ByteDance and launched in 2016. In March 2018, Douyin launched a shopping cart and opened the function of live streaming, as well as live streaming and goods. In October 2020, Douyin announced that it would no longer support products from third-party sources to enter live streaming shopping. Under the influence of the epidemic, the live streaming e-commerce model has broken out in an all-round way, and the new retail form of "live streaming + e-commerce" has accelerated. Douyin e-commerce benefits from the platform's strong user base and highly intelligent algorithm system. Users can easily complete a shopping experience by watching videos, sharing products, placing orders and other links.

Douyin is developing rapidly in the form of e-commerce based on short video content and live broadcast. Its "interest e-commerce" uses the algorithm and data analysis technology of Douyin to recommend products that meet users' interests and needs, and also provides a brand new sales channel for merchants. By combining with content and social interaction, Douyin's interest e-commerce is becoming an important trend in the future development of e-commerce.

4. pinduoduo
Similarweb worldwide ranking: 383 China ranking: 21
Monthly visitors: 168.8 million

Founded in September 2015, Pin-Duo is a third-party social e-commerce platform that focuses on group-sharing. Users can buy high-quality products at lower prices through group-sharing with friends, family members, neighbors, etc. It aims to gather the strength of more people, buy better things at lower prices, and experience more benefits and fun. The social concept formed through communication and sharing has formed Pinduoduo's unique new social e-commerce thinking. Pinduoduo's massive "10 billion subsidy" campaign has attracted a lot of attention.

Pinduoduo's ranking improved rapidly compared with previous years to reach the top five, which can be attributed to its advantages in low price strategy, new social e-commerce thinking, emphasis on rural and other sinking markets, and mobile optimization.

5. tmall
Similarweb Worldwide Ranking: 361 China Ranking: 25
Monthly visitors: 64.1 million

Tmall used to take advantage of Taobao, focusing more on B2C, and integrating many brands and manufacturers to provide one-stop shopping services for merchants and consumers. In today's world of fake goods, Tmall's 100% authentic slogan is the secret to attracting most people's attention. One of Tmall's strengths is that consumers are increasingly focusing on quality and experience instead of just looking for a bargain.

6. Little Red Book (xiaohongshu)
Similarweb Worldwide Ranking: 512 China Ranking: 30
Monthly visitors: 125.5 million

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, XiaoHongshu started in the community. In the beginning, users focused on sharing their overseas shopping experience in the community. Later, in addition to beauty makeup and personal care, Xiaored Book also featured information sharing about sports, tourism, home, travel, hotels and restaurants, touching on all aspects of consumption experience and lifestyle. Today, the community has become a bulwark for Little Red Book, and a place that no other platform can replicate.

7. What's worth Buying (smzdm)
Similarweb Worldwide Ranking: 1914 China ranking: 74
Monthly visitors: 32.5 million

What's Worth Buying is a website created in June 2010 by Beijing Worth Buying Technology Co., LTD. What's Worth Buying App10.0 will launch on March 25, 2021. Build Wiki co-construction consumption content community with "consumption encyclopedia" as the underlying structure. What's Worth Buying is a consumer portal, which pushes high-quality online shopping discount information in real time and provides authentic and original shopping strategies, striving to become the "first stop of quality consumption" in the minds of consumers, covering 3c household appliances, home life, fashion sports, overseas shopping, tourism, automobiles, credit cards and other fields.

What's worth buying is a new addition to this year's list of platforms that deserve attention.

8. Alibaba (1688)
Global ranking: 1537 China ranking: 84
Monthly visitors: 25 million

In 1999, Jack Ma founded 1688, which was the predecessor of Alibaba. Now, 1688, as the flagship business of Ali Group, is China's leading small business domestic trade e-commerce platform. As a subsidiary of Ali Group, 1688 represents the interests of enterprises in CBBS e-commerce system. It provides business opportunity information for tens of millions of buyers and suppliers around the world, as well as convenient and safe online transactions. It is also a community space where businessmen interact with each other.

9. Vipshop (vip)
Similarweb Worldwide ranking: 7,268 China ranking: 210
Monthly visitors: 5.7 million

Founded in 2008, Vipshop has created an innovative e-commerce model of "brand-name discount + flash sale + authentic product guarantee" in China, and has continued to deepen into the authentic fashion sale model of "selected brand + deep discount + flash sale". Online sales such as clothing shoes bags, beauty makeup, mother and child, home and other famous products. We have cooperated with more than 30,000 brands in total and more than 6,000 domestic and foreign brands in depth. More than 1,000 professional buyers team, through the combination of personal experience, big data and intelligent analysis, precise quality recommendations for consumers.

10. dianping
Similarweb Worldwide ranking: 7390 China ranking: 218
Monthly visitors: 9.9 million

After nearly ten years of data accumulation, Dianping covers most of the food and beverage merchants in China. However, 2015 is destined to be another year of burning cash in the O2O fast food industry. With the entry of Ele. me, Baidu Waimai and Meituan Waimai, the foundation of Dianping is only its massive merchant information, review content for many years and loyal customers. Although it has solved the needs of users, but on the contrary, more and more websites to solve the needs of users, there is no more powerful support or difficult to maintain.

11. meituan
Similarweb Worldwide ranking: 7926 China ranking: 232
Monthly visitors: 7.7 million is a group buying website, accounting for more than 50% of the group buying market market share, and the turnover has maintained a rapid growth. Meituan is the first group-buying website in China to build a large customer service center. With the rapid growth of sales, the availability of customer service calls has become a very important element of the consumer experience. Meituan's expiration guarantee is the first of its kind in the world. Even Groupon, the originator of group-buying websites, has yet to be implemented. Meituan has launched the "Group Purchase without worry" after-sales service plan, which includes unconditional refund if the purchase is not made within seven days, free payment if the purchase is not satisfied, and one-click refund if the purchase is overdue.

12. amazon China
Similarweb Worldwide ranking: 6906 China ranking: 233
Monthly visitors: 5.3 million

Amazon China, the regional website of in mainland China, was established in August 2004 and headquartered in Beijing. In 2019, Amazon announced that it would withdraw from the domestic e-commerce market in the Chinese mainland and retain part of its business. At present, Amazon's core strategic businesses in China include cross-border e-commerce centered on Amazon Overseas Purchase and Amazon Global Store, Kindle e-book readers and e-books, Amazon logistics operations and Amazon Cloud Computing Services (AWS).

13. suning
Similarweb Worldwide ranking: 13,756 China ranking: 436
Monthly visitors: 6 million

Suning Tesco is a B2C e-commerce website owned by Suning Appliance. With the expansion of the business, it now includes such categories as general merchandise in addition to electrical appliances. Since 2011, Suning has started to develop both online and offline to continuously improve its online market share. In the future, Suning Economy will still take a place in many e-commerce platforms with its strong logistics, physical store experience and after-sales service support.

14. dangdang
Similarweb Worldwide ranking: 19,110 China ranking: 611
Monthly visitors: 2.7 million

Dangdang is a well-known comprehensive online shopping mall, which was jointly invested by the famous publishing company Kewen, the American Tiger Fund, the American IDG Group, the Luxembourg-based Cambridge Group and the Asia Venture Capital Fund (formerly SoftBank China Venture Capital).

Since its official opening in November 1999, Dangdang has expanded from the early online sales of books to online sales of various categories of department stores, including dozens of categories and millions of products, such as books, audio and video, beauty makeup, home, maternal and child, clothing and 3C digital. In terms of logistics, Dangdang has achieved the "111 all-day delivery" in 600 cities and the next day delivery in more than 1,200 districts and counties, covering 2,700 districts and counties in China in terms of COD.

Dangdang was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange on December 8, 2010, becoming the first B2C online mall in China that is completely based on online business and listed in the United States.

15. Huawei Store (vmall)
Similarweb Worldwide ranking: 23,870 China ranking: 819
Monthly visitors: 2.5 million

Huawei Store (vmall) is Huawei's self-operated e-commerce platform. It provides Huawei mobile phones, wireless Internet access devices, tablets, accessories and other terminal products and services to end users. Is an Internet business platform to create users' mobile information life for the purpose of service.

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