Top 10 background Check companies in China

As the demand for back tone increases, more and more back tone companies are established. Through the Internet, we can learn that the top 10 background investigation companies in China are: Gaobang, 91beidiao, panorama, Taihe Dingxin, Xuandu consulting, ibeidiao, Bafang Jincheng, Kelade, Zhiliao beidiao and Jiaozhen Beidiao.

1, Gaobang

Gaobang is dedicated to providing third-party background investigation services for enterprises. With 16 years of experience in talent background investigation services and covering more than 300 cities, Gaobang is committed to helping enterprises prevent employment risks. For finance, real estate, IT, high-end manufacturing, medicine, TMT, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, education, FMCG, modern agriculture, logistics, energy, chemical and other industries have a wealth of experience and solutions.

2, 91beidiao

91beidiao is one of the earliest institutions in China to carry out political audit services for employees. Relying on its in-depth understanding of the industry and industry-leading artificial intelligence system, it provides recruitment risk management consulting and comprehensive implementation for corporate clients from all over the world.

3. Panorama

Panorama restarts from Shenzhen, implements the practice of "dare to venture, open and inclusive, pragmatic law, the pursuit of excellence" of the Shenzhen spirit, increase product and service research and development, innovation and upgrading, improve team professionalism and service spirit, to meet the rich and diverse needs of more customers. They will serve South China, especially Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other places to provide high-quality world-class background check service.

4, Taihe Dingxin

Taihe Dingxin is a Chinese local professional recruitment assistance and employee in-service cycle full risk prevention and control service organization. We have provided professional and accurate solutions and services to hundreds of Fortune Global 500 enterprises and local industry leaders. In addition, perfect global cooperation channels and mature overseas service experience can also meet the global needs of enterprises.

5, Xuandu Consulting

Xuandu Consulting is one of the earliest pioneers and leaders in employee background investigation in China mainland. As the only business of Xuandu Consulting, employee background investigation service has always had its own unique focus and field in line with the principle of steady development.

6, Ibeidiao

Ibeidiao is a technology-driven intelligent employee background investigation service provider, adhering to the vision of "making the professional credit environment better", and is committed to providing enterprises with safe, professional and efficient background investigation services in the form of "SaaS + artificial intelligence + professional services".

7, Bafang Jincheng

Bafang Jincheng Human Resources Co., Ltd. is one of the leading employee background investigation companies in China, the American Association of Professional Background Investigation Companies (NAPBS) member of the Asia-Pacific region, and is also China's first professional third-party organization focused on enterprise recruitment risk control. Bafang Jincheng employee Background Investigation Service It can help enterprises in the global talent recruitment and development strategy to realize the investigation and review of candidates from more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

8. Kelade

Kelade is a professional credit company focusing on providing risk prevention and control solutions for domestic and foreign enterprises, and is one of the large-scale pre-employment background investigation service agencies in China. Its business covers many countries and regions around the world. The company has a professional back transfer consultant team, providing many enterprises with safe, accurate and efficient background investigation services, helping enterprises to reduce the risk of non-employment.

9, Zhiliao beidiao

Zhiliao beidiao is based on the concept of "background investigation + Internet", which can legally, efficiently and cheaply help employers effectively prevent identity, education and work history fraud, concealing bad records and other dishonest behaviors in recruitment work.

10, Jiaozhen Beidiao

As one of the leading companies in China, Jiaozhen Technology not only pays attention to the authenticity of the resume of the talent, but also emphasizes the matching of the talent. Starting from the resume of the candidate, the position applied and the corporate culture of the company applied, Jiaozhen technology builds a competency model with structured investigation methods, and deeply understands the matching degree between the candidate and the company through the human resources department, superiors and colleagues. Provide strong support for enterprises to better identify and explore the advantages and disadvantages of candidates.

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