ningde city

Ningde City, also known as East Fujian, is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Fujian Province, the hometown of large yellow croaker in China, and a national garden city. It is located on the northeast coast of Fujian Province and in the east of Fujian Province. It faces the East China Sea in the east, faces Taiwan across the sea, borders Nanping in the west, Fuzhou, the provincial capital, in the south, and Zhejiang in the north. It is the nearest city in Fujian to the "Yangtze River Delta". The city has a land area of 13500 square kilometers and a sea area of 44600 square kilometers. It has a world-class natural deep-water port, Sandu'ao. The terrain is dominated by hills and mountains, and the coastal area is a small plain, belonging to a subtropical marine monsoon climate.

Ningde City has jurisdiction over Jiaocheng District, Fu'an City, Fuding City, Gutian County, Xiapu County, Zhouning County, Shouning County, Pingnan County and Zherong County. According to the data of the Seventh National Population Census, as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent resident population of Ningde was 3146789.

Ningde is also a resort for leisure and ecological tourism in the southeast coast of China. There are 1 world geological park, 2 5A scenic spots, 3 national scenic spots and 7 provincial scenic spots in Ningde. There are coastal scenic spots such as Yushan Mountain, Taishan Islands, Dajing, Western Island, Sandu'ao, etc; The inland has 2 national forest parks, 4 provincial forest parks, 1 national wetland park, 2 provincial nature reserves, and 9 municipal nature reserves. On November 15, 2019, Ningde was awarded the title of "National Forest City".

In 2021, Ningde will achieve a GDP of 315.108 billion yuan, up 13.3% year on year.

Chinese counties in ningde city

xiapu county
gutian county
pingnan county
shouning county
zhouning county
zherong county
fuan county level city
fuding county-level city

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