Jilin Province

Jilin Province, referred to as "Ji", is a provincial-level administrative region of the People's Republic of China, with Changchun as its capital. Jilin Province is located in the central part of Northeast China, connected with Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, and bordering Russia and North Korea. It is located in the geographical center of Northeast Asia. Under the jurisdiction of 8 prefecture-level cities (Changchun is a vice-provincial city), 1 autonomous prefecture, 60 counties (cities, districts), the capital of Changchun City. In 2021, the total permanent population of Jilin Province was 23.7537 million.

Jilin Province witnessed the complete course of political and military conflicts in modern Northeast Asia and was an important industrial base and commodity grain production base in China.

The geomorphic morphology of Jilin Province is different obviously. The terrain inclines from southeast to northwest, showing the characteristics of high southeast and low northwest. In the central Great Black Mountains as the boundary, can be divided into the eastern mountain and the central and western plain two major landforms. The eastern mountains are divided into Changbai Mountain, Zhongshan and low mountain areas and low hilly areas. The central and western plain is divided into the central platform plain area and the western meadow, lake, wetland, sand area. Across the Tumen River, Yalu River, Liao River, Suifenhe, Songhua River five major water systems. Jilin Province is located in the middle latitude Eurasia continent east side, belongs to the temperate continental monsoon climate.

In 2022, the annual GDP of Jilin Province was 1,307.024 billion yuan, ranking 26th in China.

Major Fairs Held In Jilin Province:

1. The 24th Jilin (Changchun) Environmental Protection Water Treatment and Pump Valve Pipeline Exhibition in 2023
April 16-18, 2023 Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center

2. 2023 The 27th Changchun International Building Decoration and Materials Expo, Changchun Construction Expo 2023
April 06-08, 2023 Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center

3. 2023 The 16th Changchun Franchise Entrepreneurship Project Exhibition
April 16-18, 2023 Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center

4. 2023 The 57th China Changchun International Medical Device Health Industry Expo
March 23-25, 2023 Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center

5. 2023 The 24th Changchun Advertising Sign LED Exhibition and Office graphic Printing Exhibition, Changchun Advertising Exhibition 2023
March 07-09, 2023 Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center

China Province Jilin Province

Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture
Taonan City
Daan City
Gongzhuling City
Yushu City
Jiutai City
Baicheng city
Songyuan city
Baishan city
Tonghua city
Liaoyuan city
Siping city
Jilin City
Changchun provincial capital city

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